How to Use Eye Drops Correctly

By | August 25, 2021

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Eye care hospital in ahmedabad is discussing these details for public health.

1. Always wash both hands completely before you apply the attention drops.

2. To spread out the bottle tighten the cap on nozzle also it would puncture the bottle don’t open bottle with needle or pin.

3. Open the cap from the eye drops solution and put the cap upside lower on clean surface (Observe that the cap doesn’t touch anywhere)

4. The individual should lie lower on the couch or perhaps a bed. Lightly pull the low lid lower and instill the drops.

5. Close both eyes for just one minute to ensure that medication may have enough contact time using the eye.

6. To avoid contamination, please feel, as this the attention using the tip from the bottle.

7. Make use of the drops within 30 days of opening the bottle and toss the drops after 30 days of opening even if it’s full.

8. For those who have many different types of eye drops, please allow ten minutes in between each kind. If you work with both eye drops and cream, please use the drops first.

9. Bring all medication on every follow-up visits.

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