Advice To Businesses Using WordPress Who Are Worried About Security

By | January 2, 2021

I even have this customer who I affectionately call “The WordPress Worry Wart.”


Because this guy’s whole enterprise, product line, brand, and internet presence is absolutely wrapped up in his WordPress internet site. All of which changed properly and appropriately at the beginning five years ago. But the larger he gets, the extra he is based on all of it running, and the extra his earnings is tied up into the software program, the extra inclined he feels, the extra at danger his enterprise is from being obliterated through a jealous hater or hacker, and the extra he issues approximately it.

Can’t say as I blame him for the disturbing component though.

Personally, I assume WordPress is a big benefit for online marketers. Its simplicity is unmatched. And I’ve used it myself for years, and nevertheless, do in a few ventures. But it is also riddled with protection issues, in particular, due to the fact it is the number 1 platform and is the maximum centered through hackers.

Not a large deal if you are a mommy blogger doing it for fun.

wordpress Security

But in case your whole enterprise is certain through the blood to WordPress?

It’s surely a hassle.

And the purpose it is a hassle is due to all of the protection “holes” it has, and that continuously must be plugged in and fixed. And my customer is (rightfully so!) afraid due to the fact he is going in and he updates it and all of an unexpected his server crashes. He’s had that manifest several instances in which he up to date a plugin in and the whole lot comes crashing down. This is not anything towards WordPress, it is simply the character of the software program. I’ve visible it manifest once I did my time as a Nuclear Engineer for the Navy in addition to once I ran a $12 million finances running for Encyclopedia Brittanica as a software program developer.

And so there is simply this tension he has approximately WordPress.

It’s imagined to be easy and it is. But with regards to walking an ever-developing and ever-increasing enterprise, with more than one plugins and protection patches, it would not usually paintings collectively in best harmony.

The solution?

Mobile apps.

Mobile apps are Web three. zero in my opinion. And in 5 to 10 years groups may have a few sorts of the app if they need to live competitively. They have very few – if any – of the safety issues the internet-primarily based totally content material control systems have. They make eating content material ridiculously smooth given that everybody has their telephones with them all of the time, anywhere they move. And whether or not a person likes it or now no longer, the facts do not lie. The maximum latest stats display the common individual touches their cell smartphone 2,617 instances in line with DAY. They are usually inside three toes in their telephones, even if eating, driving, traveling, exercising, dressing, shopping, anticipating appointments, sleeping, or whilst withinside the bathroom. That’s why 70%+ of virtual content material is fed on a smartphone. And 92% of the time humans are on their smartphone they’re in a cell app.

In that manner, this is in which your clients are.

It would imply now no longer to apply WordPress or an HTML internet site for a number of your enterprise’s needs.

But with regards to content material consumption, why now no longer move in which they’re already going, and do it in a manner this is included from the hackers usually looking to convey appropriate groups down?

The evil forces that assault WordPress and different famous content material control systems are not virtually a hassle whilst a cell app are about up & maintained correctly. And whilst it charges tens of lots of greenbacks to broaden and hold a cell app, my Learnistic software program shall we your enterprise have your personal cell app for much less than the price of your month-to-month cable bill.