Cleaning robot sales doubled, McDonald’s, Walmart need to

By | August 30, 2020

The movement of robots is becoming very fast. Robots were used in hotels, malls, offices, etc. around the world for speed and beauty, but now they have increased in terms of safety. Especially the demand for cleaning robots has increased in recent times. According to Canadian company AVBOTS, sales of floor cleaning robots have doubled since Corona. Those who did not even want to know about it earlier are also buying it. US company Brain Corps said sales of its self-driving cleaning robots increased 24 percent this April over the previous year.

Eugene Izhekevich, CEO of Brain Corp, explains that orders for cleaning robots have increased since Corona from stores such as Walmart. They want us to get them installed as soon as possible. The price of these cleaning robots ranges from 40 thousand dollars to 60 thousand dollars. The cost of their software is also separately.

The country will also grow 30 times this year

Milagro, a leading robot manufacturing company in the country, is expected to grow 15 to 20 times this year. According to the company, this year the robot market in the country will increase by about 30 times. The reason is that people are now relying on robots.

Keep getting better

Carnegie Robotics Company of America is conducting a large-scale attachment test in its famous floor cleaner robot Nilfisk Liberty which will also eliminate coronavirus with ultraviolet light. Pittsburgh Airport has such a robot.

The first commercial robot was created in 1987

It was 1987 when Robocant was named the world’s first commercial floor cleaning robot. It was made by an American company.

Apart from cleaning, there are also uses here

  • In hospital – Danish company UPD Robots has sent hundreds of robots to hospitals in China and Europe in the month of April itself.
  • In Restaurants – The American fast-food company McDonald’s is testing robots for cooking and serving.
  • In Factories – American car company Ford has recently deployed a robot named Fluffy at one of its plants which collects data from a plant of 2 lakh square meters.