How to play roulette

By | October 25, 2022

Whether you’re playing slot terbaru in Vegas or at an online casino, the rules of roulette are much the same. Follow our how to play roulette guide and you’ll be a pro in no time.

How to play online roulette: 4 steps

1. Place your bet

If you’re playing online, select your chip size to bet with. Then place your chips on the bet that you’d like to make.

2. Spin the wheel

With online roulette, there’s no time limit. So whenever you’re ready, hit the ‘Spin’ button. This will release the ball into the virtual wheel.

3. The outcome

The judi slot online jackpot terbesar wheel will come to a stop and the ball will settle into a pocket. Online roulette games use a random number generator (or RNG for short) to determine the outcome.

4. The result

Hold your breath. If you’re in luck, you’ll receive a payout. The next round begins after the result.

Roulette table explained

The roulette table is arranged into two sections: the inside and the outside. The inside area has 36 numbered squares which are either red or black. The outside area has boxes that cover a broader range of numbers – like odd or even. At the top of the table, there’s also a large zero or double zero depending on the game.

You can bet on any of the squares on the table or even a combination of them. To learn more about placing bets, check out our roulette bet types guide.

Roulette wheel explained

Roulette wheels are numbered from 0 to 36. On European wheels, there are 18 red pockets, 18 black pockets, and a single green 0. American roulette wheels are the same, but with an additional green 00 pocket.

However, the numbers don’t run in order around the wheel. The sequence is designed to balance high, low, odd, and even numbers. And on top of that, the wheels are different for European and American roulette. It’s not as complicated as it sounds though – take a look at the two variations you’ll come across below.