Interesting Facts Related to Dubai Miracle Garden

By | September 28, 2020

Dubai never backs lower. This valiant city examines challenging within the eye and provides it a wink. Famous because of its legendary attractions and landmarks which are unique around the world, Dubai’s tourist destinations are often perceptible with itself. Only the reference to the name of the landmark is sufficient to recognize that it may be located nowhere else however in Dubai. The Dubai Miracle Garden is a such attraction exquisitely found only within the emirate. Fusing nature and innovation, Dubai has overcome a task considered impossible through the world. Magnificently alluring and jaw-shedding beauty welcomes you whenever you step within the Dubai Miracle Garden. A aromatic, colorful oasis right amongst the urban boom and also the Arabian Desert, Dubai Miracle Garden is mandatory-visit attraction for anybody visiting Dubai. Take a look at these interesting details concerning the Dubai Miracle Garden.

9Nestled in Dubailand, Dubai Miracle Garden proudly maintains the title from the largest natural floral garden on the planet. It gets better. The reason behind calling it magic garden happens because it thrives within the harsh dry climate from the UAE. Spanning 72000 square meters, this excellent attraction is really a visual treat because of its visitors. Your garden is really vast that it’s impossible to see its wonders per day.


*The Dubai Miracle Garden welcomes you to definitely an oasis well over 50 million flowers -endless sights of floral buds and blossoms so far as your skills can easily see. This is when there is a largest assortment of flowers on the planet.

*Dubai Miracle Garden may be the only attraction in Dubai till date and you’ll discover existence-size dioramas of the favorite Disney figures. Unquestionably, kids would like to get their pictures clicked with Donald Duck completely comprised of flowers.

*In your visit, you won’t look for a single withered flower within this magnificent garden. Utmost care is taken so the flowers look fresh and vibrant each day of viewing. But exactly how is that this possible underneath the scorching desert sun? The solution to this is reusing wastewater within the drip irrigation method. The gallons water required to maintain this extravagant garden are created available with the city’s wastewater. Also, to make sure more water seepage in to the soil and fewer vaporization, your garden is irrigated only throughout the night.

* You won’t ever end up marvel in awe at a lot of floral installations on the planet. The Dubai Miracle Garden has got the most of themed floral installation than elsewhere on the planet.

*Shattering records, the Dubai Miracle Garden has numerous accolades and awards to the name. Aside from referred to as greatest flower garden on the planet, it proudly holds 2 titles in the Guinness Book of World Records to the name. Included in this are the Airbus A380 diorama which has bagged the title from the ‘largest floral arrangement within the world’. The second may be the giant-sized floral Donald Duck that grabbed the title of ‘the world’s largest topiary sculpture’.

* Dubai Miracle Garden opened up its gates the very first time to tourists in 2013. Since that time it’s received the interest in excess of a million visitors yearly. This will make this horticultural splendor probably the most popular attractions to go to on the planet.

*Dubai Miracle Garden is ever-evolving. Each year, it adds creative methods to showcase the floral extravaganza while offering its visitors new installations and topiaries in interesting new styles.

*Look out for the growing season – Dubai Miracle Garden stays open only throughout the cooler several weeks of Dubai. It welcomes visitors only from October till April yearly. So before you decide to book your tickets, be aware from the opening season for that Dubai Miracle Garden.

Dubai Miracle Garden may go through unnatural among a raging advanced city, but that’s the wonder and uniqueness from it.The Dubai Miracle Garden is a perfect method to take a rest from today’s world and put on a global full of colorful blossoms and attractive sights.