Love, Leadership and the Search for Meaning

By | February 17, 2021

There aren’t any clean days in management. Every day asks for our best. Every day we take a seat down poised to uplift and deliver, or stumble and sink. To display up each day is a name for braveness, an exercising in persistence.

In our Amplifiers management group, we are studying Victor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning. It’s the meditation on lifestyles’ motive via the memoir of his time as a prisoner in Auschwitz. It’s a harrowing story of man’s capability for cruelty, along with man’s capacity to locate which means withinside the maximum bleak and sour of circumstances.

Love, Leadership and the Search for Meaning

It’s a sobering and heart-wrenching journey. Through his revel in, Frankl shows there are 3 methods to locate which means:

  • Love
  • Purposeful work
  • Focus and braveness

To experience love and take care of some other dwelling being offered our lifestyle motive. It facilitates us to bear our very own tough circumstances. There is pleasure in being concerned for others, in making a person else’s revel in a piece higher. When we’ve little, and proportion it with a person who has less, we’re each richer for it.
Work that makes a fine effect is some other expression of love. It facilitates us to channel our innovative expression and shapes our day-by-day choices. Work that we care approximately is maintaining for us.

One of the extra well-known costs from the e-book is Frankl’s assertion:

“Everything may be taken from a person however one thing: the remaining of the human freedoms – to pick out one’s mindset in any given set of circumstances, to pick out one’s very own way.”

When the sector around us now no longer most effective appears dark, however, is really horrifying, the braveness to locate which means in our suffering, the braveness to behave with a robust ethical compass while it might be less difficult to default to animal self-protection, this offers us a route to walk. If there has been not anything left for us however to be a higher expression of goodness, splendor, and truth, then the braveness to stay that is which means enough.

Three essential questions can assist in shine mild on an unsure route.

  • Love: “How can I display and explicit extra love withinside the world?”
  • Courage: The query is now no longer, “Am I as much as the mission?” however instead, “How can I upward push to fulfill the mission at hand?”
  • Focus: “When all else is gone, what splendor and goodness can I see withinside the smallest of moments?”