Nokia N93i Review – One Of Nokia’s Latest Camera Phones.

By | November 30, 2019

This brand new N series phone model of Nokia can be considered as an update from the Nokia N93. Due to a lot of complaints that emerged from initial users of the Nokia N93, the release of N93i will hopefully help to calm these complaints.

A major difference that can be easily spotted is the new design. The N93 contains the common keypads of Nokia cell phones as compared to the metallic version of N93i. This type of keypad was first seen with the RAZR phones of Motorola and it seems that Nokia has found their own way of incorporating this stylish look into their mobile phones. There’s also a unique flipping style that the Nokia N93i is also capable of.

Nokia N93i Review One of the common complaints against the N93 is its weight. It seems Nokia listened to these complaints and did something about it. Unlike N93, this new version is lighter. It weighs about 160 grams, including the battery. It is a 17g less than the N93 and it is also thinner.

Another update that can be found in this phone is the sixteen million colored internal display. This is quite an increase from the 256K that N93 has to offer. This is definitely a welcomed improvement.
The majority of the features of N93 are still intact in the new N93i. These features include the 3.2 megapixels Carl Zeiss optics camera with a 3x optical zoom that allows you to take great pictures.

With regard to its memory, it is almost the same as the N93. These phones both have 50MB internal memory. The difference is that the upcoming N93i comes with a bigger SD card. Compared with the 128MB card of N93, N93i comes with a whopping 1GB miniSD card.

However, the downside of N93i is the very short battery life, which is a common problem of the Nokia N93i Review some mobile phones these days. Standby time approximately lasts up to 280 hours and around 4 hours for talk time. It is expected for this phone not to last long because of the smaller Li-Ion battery size. This could be one of the reasons why this new model is lighter compared to N93.

Compared to N93, N93i?s battery is only 950mAh against 1100mAh of N93. Nokia could consider this as a drastic move because a lot of consumers are not really happy with the 1100mAh and with what they did, they only make things worse. Cell phone manufacturers should attend to this battery life issue because a lot of consumers are not really happy about it. Some of them would say that there is no point in having a lot of features on a mobile phone if it can?t last long.

Aside from these small changes with the features, it is almost identical to N93. Most of the previous configurations for N93 were kept with N93i.

These are just some of the initial findings in the upcoming Nokia N93i. With its release by the first quarter of this year, there could be more reviews, both positive and negative, for this mobile phone.