Stay Home Portrait Photography

By | May 18, 2022

Portrait Photography: Photography is among my passions I really like being behind your camera, editing to see the ultimate photos. My camera is my method of escape, it builds my creativeness and enables me to build up my skills. I’ve little interest in going after a job in photography (although I would not mind generating revenue from this), this really is purely my hobby. Being behind your camera is wherein I relax and I completely appreciate it.

Just a little side note: I am certainly available to deal with some compensated shoots should there be anybody close to Leicester that will just like a photoshoot beside me!

Every time I receive my camera out, I am trying that you follow a style: light, eyes, black and white-coloured, personality, etc. It certainly provides me with an objective helping me have that tiny bit more creative. I am an enormous perfectionist (not usually a good factor) – the tiniest things result in the greatest difference and that I certainly think this is a rule in photography.

Portrait Photography

Be as creative as you possibly can, make use of the most random objects, alter the editing, and do not hesitate to fail! It’s not all photos I take calculates. What you could think is a very good idea does not always emerge well on screen and that is exactly that. Ideas you need to quit there is however always another that will look better still compared to last.

Moving to the work that I have been shooting lately. This number of photos was a direct result of my ‘prism’ portrait photography shoot. You will discover a little more about my shoot below:

I have seen people use very prisms to produce rainbows and thought I’d give it a try. It had been so nearly impossible to find the rainbow within the right position – even tougher for Hannah (model) who had been facing the sun’s rays and could not visit a factor. The little speckles of sunshine (above image) were an entire accident. Because Hannah could not see due to the sun, I gave her my floppy hat to put on also it brought to those delicate speckles of sunshine to bop over her features which complimented the rainbows being made around her eyes.