What is a Document Retention Policy And Why do You Need it

By | November 16, 2021

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The retention periods in 4.705 are calculated from the end of the contractor’s fiscal year in which an entry is made charging or allocating a cost to a Government contract or subcontract. If a specific record contains a series of entries, the retention period is calculated from the end of the contractor’s fiscal year in which the final entry is made. The contractor should cut off the records in annual blocks and retain them for block disposal under the prescribed retention periods. Records other than the general personnel file will be maintained by the parish or school in confidential folders in secured filing cabinets, separate fromgeneral personnel records. School staff records may be accessed by the superintendent and assistant regional superintendents.

  • The responsibility of Internews Representatives with respect to this Policy shall be to produce specifically identified documents upon request of management, if the staff still retains such documents.
  • The duty to preserve evidence is responsibility of which the organization may be held account for.
  • We provide online reference access to all state, county, and municipal retention schedules that are known by the Archives to have received approval from the State Archivist.
  • A records officer for your organization must be designated in writing by completing and filing a Records Officer Designation and Responsibilities (RM-25 Form) with the Library of Virginia.
  • You should also send the notification to the appropriate IT and records personnel who are responsible for retaining electronic and hard-copy data.

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704 Calculation of retention periods.

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Document retention: What you need to know – MLT Aikins

Document retention: What you need to know.

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The Administrator may thereafter amend or rescind the order only after conferring with legal counsel. Failure to comply with this Policy, including, particularly, disobeying any destruction halt order, could result in possible civil or criminal sanctions. In addition, for staff, it could lead to disciplinary action including possible termination.

Internews Document Retention and Destruction Policy

Records being used in legal actions must be retained for one year after the legal action ends, or until their scheduled retention period has passed, whichever is longer. If the record retention period has expired and the Record is not appropriate for the University Archives, the Record should be recycled or destroyed. The University shall convene a Records Retention and Disposal Committee to guide the University in the implementation, monitoring, and periodic review of this Policy and compliance by the University with this Policy. The Committee shall include a chair, who will be designated the University’s Records Retention and Disposal Officer. The Committee shall include representatives from the offices of all of the affected schools, departments, programs and other areas deemed appropriate by the Committee, each of whom shall be designated the Records Officer for his/her respective area.

When the State Archivist signs it, the retention schedule becomes official. We will return a signed copy to you, keep one at the State Archives, and one at the Records Management Division. All investigations, litigation, required audits, and Virginia Freedom of Information Act requests must be completed or fulfilled. A records officer for your organization must be designated in writing by completing and filing a Records Officer Designation and Responsibilities (RM-25 Form) with the Library of Virginia.

4.1 The growing need for compliance

Records being kept beyond the established retention periods for audit and other related purposes at the request of state or federal agencies must be retained until the college receives the audit report, or the need is satisfied. To the extent not prohibited by law or regulation, a Record in paper form may be digitally scanned, microfilmed or microfiched and substituted for an original paper document. The applicable retention period for a Record does not change when a properly substituted image of a Record is created.


Electronic Records and other non-paper media containing Personal Information shall be destroyed or erased so that Personal Information cannot practicably be read or reconstructed. Contact the Office of Information Technology to ensure that electronic media are destroyed appropriately. University Record that has permanent or historic value, is inactive, and is not required to be retained in the office in which it originated or was received. Archival Records are retained and preserved indefinitely in the University Archives. The University’s Records Administrator will make all final decisions concerning whether records will be preserved in the University Archives. Documents transferred or maintained by federal awarding agency – no retention period.

Property – Real, Personal and Intellectual

For example, if the company uses a cloud-based storage system like Dropbox, the policy should explicitly instruct employees to store certain documents to a designated folder within Dropbox. Otherwise, it is entirely possible – even likely – that some documents may get lost in the “vast tundra” of an employee’s email inbox, or worse, become irretrievable if stored on the laptop of a departed employee. On a related note, employees should be instructed on the proper handling of information considered confidential, including which records should be treated as such and how to maintain confidentiality. Finally, employees must understand that any information stored in company email accounts or on company hardware is not considered private. Who within the corporate hierarchy will be responsible for managing and maintaining the records subject to the policy?

Which type of record must be kept permanently?

Ownership Records, such as business formation documents, annual meeting minutes, by-laws, stock ledgers and property deeds, should be retained permanently. Accounting Services Records should be retained for a minimum of seven years.