Why We Crave Likes and Comments On Our Facebook Posts?

By | December 30, 2020

In this time and age maximum number of humans you are available in touch with, in particular, if they’re elderly between 2 and seventy-five years old, have a profile on Facebook. Many humans, whilst asked, say that they take a look at their Facebook web page as a minimum as soon as a day. If you’re one of all many that take a look at their Facebook feeds each day numerous times, you’re in an excellent intimate courting with Facebook. This bond is sort of inseparable.

Human beings are social creatures. Our choice to connect, be cherished, and be widespread and liked for who we’re is an excellent using pressure in our lifestyles. When we’re little beings, babies, we display this choice with the aid of using crying whilst we aren’t touched or hugged. When we develop up, in lots of instances we discover ways to be cautious of expressing this choice for romance and connecting. We are careful of strangers, of assembly new humans, and of having harm withinside the method of discovery. As with the whole thing on this planet, there are advantages and there are drawbacks to the whole thing we do and the way we specific our emotions.

What Facebook (and different social media) permits us to do is to get linked with different people internationally in “safe” digital surroundings that permit us to be who we need to be. Not constantly who we’re like a few humans pick out to cowl their identification beneath neath a disguise.

WHY Crave Likes and Comments On Our Facebook Posts

Energy Transfer in Words

As withinside the ‘real’ international so withinside the digital international, phrases make a difference. Even greater so withinside the digital international, due to the fact regardless of using emoticons, we can not virtually display how we sense and react to matters aside from the usage of a language. Body language and tonality, which can be an extra part of a verbal exchange than phrases, aren’t transferrable thru online international. So we depend on phrases to offer us all of the appropriate emotions that we companion with connection, relationships, and love.

Words have power. An appropriate instance to assume what I suggest with the aid of using that would be discovered to your Facebook feedback. Imagine you put up something of an opinion of yours for your Facebook wall and shortly you obtain feedback out of your digital pals. Some can be in desire of your opinion, a few can be in opposition to it. When you’re studying thru your feedback, phrases cause a sense to your frame. You might also additionally sense liked, proud, acknowledged, cherished, widespread, or every other of comparable emotions.

All of those emotions are charged with power. The phrases act as a catalyst for the sensation which provides to your frame as a shape of power. This power might also additionally provide you with a lift of self-confidence, self-approval, self-worth, love, motivation, or different.

On the alternative hand, whilst the phrases you examine really task your view, they’ll cause extraordinary emotions, as an alternative to the above.

Energy is a using pressure of our lifestyles. So the easy cause to your impatience together along with your digital pals to love or touch upon your posts is to draw the power of the different individual to yourself. The feed of different humans energies is a simple idea for a lot of digital interaction. In fact, even our non-digital fact is significantly pushed with the aid of using this feeding of energies. Just for clarity, a few humans can be a little bit greater advanced than others, and in preference to handiest feeding at the power of others, are capable of proportion their very own high-quality power with the huge international.

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